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Brandi's Handmade Jewelry

Brandi's current passion lies in the beautiful original handmade jewelry seen below. She uses natural stones, semi-precious jewels, and Swarovski crystals to create a wonderful masterpiece of luminescent wonder... ok, maybe that's a bit melodramatic but I sure like the way they look, and so do the kind folks who flock to buy her necklaces at our art shows.

(passing up my work in the process - can't a guy get a break here folks - don't people buy drawings these days?) I'm only playing around, as soon as she makes her first million selling jewelry she said she'd buy one of my drawings. =)

Four Pin Swarovski

Amythyst Jasper

Aqua Swarovski

Blue Pearl

Blue Swarovski

Flourite Carnelian

Flourite Tourmaline

Gold Jade Hemitite

Pearly Abalone

Ruby Black

Ruby Swarovski

Ruby Swarovski 2