Yixing teapot for Sale

Yixing teapots are some of the most original beautiful Chinese teapots in the world. They are my current favorite because of the unique handmade artisan quality (and maybe because I used a Yixing Teapot in my wedding proposal nearly 8 years ago - fun story maybe I'll have to share it someday). A great example of a Yixing Teapot is the exquisite lizard Yixing teapot to the left for sale from Teavana. Now is the perfect time to shop for Yixing teapots as sellers are offering low prices and frequent sales in order to catch your attention for the upcoming holidays. Not only do Yixing teapots make great tea, they look fantastic as decoration, and make great conversation starters because of their unique handmade designs.

Tea lovers worldwide consider Chinese Yixing teapots the best for brewing tea. With each use, the unglazed Yixing teapots have a unique ability to absorb the flavor of the tea. Over time they develop a rich patina that enhances the tea's taste, color and aroma. For this reason, it is recommended that only one tea flavor brew in a specific Yixing teapot. Therefore it is fun to buy several so you can enjoy the full intended flavor of your favorite teas - plus as I mentioned they make excellent display pieces for the home. An artistic vintage Yixing tea pot will capture the attention of any tea connoisseur, and before long you'll just have to make a pot of tea to show it off. Oh, the sacrifices we make, eh?

If you are looking for some great tea to fill your Yixing teapot my favorite tea shop is offering Free Shipping with any $25 Purchase at Adagio Teas check out their beautiful selection of tea!

As always have a tea-licious day from the creative couple at Brandelic Artistry - we hope you find a Yixing teapot for sale here that tickles your fancy.

Current Bid: $10.00
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